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1994 : Incorporated in Shenzhen

Mar. 1997 : Wins the first IP infringement case

Jan. 1998 : Successful development of the first Coship satellite receiver “981”

Jan. 1991 : Wins the bid for the village-to-village communication project of Guangdong Province and converts the product type successfully

June 1996 : Wins the bids for the village-to-village communication project of 20 provinces and cities and snatches over 65% of the domestic market

1999 : Sets up the Foreign Trade Department to penetrate into the international market

2000 : Successfully enters into India, Indonesia and South America, occupies 40% of Indonesian market

2000 : Wins the bid for Distance Education of CETV

2000 : First Designated satellite receiver manufacturer of MII

Feb. 2001 : Introduces four venture capitals

Apr. 2001 : Founding assembly of Coship Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen

Apr. 2001 : Coship Electrics Co., Ltd. incorporated

Nov. 2001 : Announces to purpose an IPO and go public

2001 : Cooperates with Tsinghua Tongfang and launches the first customized First China-made DTV system for local TV stations

2001 : Coship data broadcasting system starts to operate commercially at Shenzhen CATV New Video Pass, filling in the blank of CATV multimedia data broadcasting service in China

2002 : Successfully enters into the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia market

July 2002 : Coship digital satellite receivers exported in quantities to Phoenix TV United States, CCTV digital TV programs lands on the American soil for the first time

2002 : Wins the iDTV bid of CCTV, named among the first batch of main equipment suppliers

2002 : Main supplier of iDTV STBs of CCTV during the 2007 FIFA World Cup

Jan. 2003 : Contract with China Satellite Broadcasting Transmission Center for the reconstruction of the professional decoder of CCTV; provides 75% of the landing equipment for Chinese audiences to receive CCTV-3, CCTV-5, CCTV-7 and CCTV-8 programs; Coship landing equipment adopted later by the teenager channel and the news channel of CCTV.

Apr. 2003 : Class A enterprise of Shenzhen Customs

May 2003 : Coship STB industrialization and export base listed among the 26 projects specially supported by Shenzhen Government.

Sept. 2003 : Shenzhen Government approves a land of 45,000 square meters at Baolong Industrial Park, Longgang, for the 5 million-STB project of Coship

2003 : Launches the first commercial HD STB in China and has it applied in Shenzhen TV

2003 : Leader supplier of STBs for over 20 local operators in China

2003 : Builds up a monthly export platform with 100,000-STB and penetrates into the international operators market

2004 : Wins the bid for receiver terminals for Tele-Education of rural leaders in Hunan Province and Shandong Province, supplies Coship satellite receivers and multimedia reception cards in quantities

Apr. 2004 : Wins the bid for the “Demonstrational Satellite Receiver and Computer Equipment for Modern Distance Education of Ministry of Education”

May 2004 : Wins the bid for the “DTV IRD Technology Integrator Qualification” of Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2004 : Lays the foundation of Longgang Base

2004 : Wins the bid for CATV STB project of Chongqing

2004 : The STB production and sales volume exceeds 2 million sets, it is the No. 1 exporter for the fifth year consecutively

2004 : IPO passes CSRC

2004 : Builds up a 200,000-STB monthly export platform and doubles the international operators market

June 2005 : Huadu Conference, to explain fully the corporate culture

June 2005 : Licensed anti-pirate technology from Macrovision

Nov. 2005 : Coship Corporate Culture Construction starts

Nov. 2005 : ISO14001:2004 certification

Dec. 2005 : Chairman Yuan Ming wins The fourth Scientific and Technological Award for the Youth of Shenzhen

2005 : Wins the bid for CATV STB project of Hangzhou

2005 : Wins the bid for CATV STB project of Shenzhen Topway

June 2006 : Listed on the SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002052)

June 2006 : Key Software Enterprise 2005 under State Planning Arrangement

July 2006 : Coship DTV Industrialization Base listed among the key projects in the Eleventh-Five-Year Plan of Shenzhen

Oct. 2006 : CDVBC5680 STB appraised as a National New Product

Dec. 2006 : Enters into the automobile electronics industry

Feb.2007 : Undertake the project of Shenzhen Public Transportation Electronic Monitoring System. It indicates the new established department obtains breakthrough progress

Apr. 2007 : Wins the exclusive bid for satellite receivers of DOORDARSHAN India

Year 2007: “Coship Promotion Statute” announced, and became the fundamental statue and spirit creed to promote company development

June 2007 : Chairman and President Yuan Ming speaks on the U.S.–China Forum 2007 in Chicago, and is given the Business Leader Pioneering Excellence Award

June 2007 : Coship GPS listed among the Top Ten automobile GPS brands of China

June 2007 : Top 30 SME board enterprises of China

Jul.2007: : Awarded "Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises of Guangdong Province"

Sept. 2007 : Lays the foundation of Nantong Base

Dec.2007 : Awarded "Top Ten Nation Brand in Radio Film and TV Industry in Year 2007"

Jan.2008 : Coship Electronics successfully moved to the new site of Rainbow Building, North Region of Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen

Jan.2008 : Own 39% of Harbin Cable TV Network’s shares, and set up Joint Venture Company

Mar.2008 : The consecutive tenth exhibiting on CCBN, the national largest exhibition in DTV industry, and announcing the company’s revolution to be the total solution provider of next generation broadcasting added value services

Year 2008 : Production base moves to Baolong Industry Park, Longgang district from Fuyong

Apr.2008 : Holding Company IPD series training indicates Coship to start the mission of management revolution

Apr.2008 : Trademark "同洲" (Coship) is recognized "China Resound Trademark"

Jun.2008 : Revolution Management Committee established, which indicated the important progress of company revolution management

Jul.2008 : Cooperate with China DTV Media and Topway to promote interactive HD service

Dec.2008 : Successfully undertake the national CBTV project

Jan.2009 : Tangquan Meeting constitutes the new enterprise value and behavior guide line to adapt and promote Coship continuous revolution

Feb.2009 : The first IPD testing project, next generation SD bidirectional STB project, start working

Mar.2009 : Most Anticipated DTV Brand in Year 2009

May 2009 : Top Fifty Junior Enterprises listed in China Stock Market

Jun.2009 : Establish Longtime Strategy Cooperation Partner with Qingyuan DTV Operator, and provide end to end total solution service to Qingyuan DTV Operator

Jul.2009 : Celebrate for company established for fifteen years

Jul.2009 : Sign the agreement of NGB testing project with SME, promote to build next generation Broadcasting TV network

Aug.2009 : Cooperate with SUN to create open DTV middleware based on software

Aug.2009 : Sign the agreement with Wuhan DTV to service Wuhan DTV with Coship end to end total solution

Sep.2009 : Successfully have 47.77million directed additional shares

Sep.2009 : Revolution of the China local office branch started

Sep.2009 : Sign the Strategy Cooperation agreement with Xiangfan DTV, promote the information culture industry and build the interactive TV network

Sep.2009 : Assist Shenzhen DTV to unlock "HD" age

Oct.2009 : Shanghai office opened as a demonstration. Coship set up sale and service network in China main area, and change the strategy from "moving sale" to "staying sale"

Nov.2009 :Mr. Li Changchun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee visits Coship and hopes Coship to be the leading enterprise for the DTV industry (like Huawei in Telecom industry) in the near future

Nov.2009 :Undertake second period national CBTV project with over 540thousand sets satellite TV receiver equipment

Nov.2009 : Exhibit on the Eleventh China Hi-tech Fair and bring multi-connectivity new life

Jan.2010 : Start up bidirectional interactive TV project in Zhongshan

Feb.2010 : Assist Wuhan DTV to start interactive HD TV platform

Mar.2010 : The consecutive twelfth exhibiting on CCBN, and bring total service for multi-connectivity splendid digital life

May 2010 : Mr. Liu Yunshan, the minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee visits Coship, and hopes Coship takes the opportunity of Three Network Convergence, and achieves higher development

May 2010 : Coship cooperates with Shenzhen DTV to show the three network convergence application with abundant multi-connectivity service based on Broadcasting TV network

May 2010 : SZMG and Coship sign the three network convergence strategy cooperation agreement during the sixth ICIF

May.2010 : Mr. Yuan Ming, the CEO & President of Coship, is elected as the member of Shenzhen People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee

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